Why choose us

At Perron Financial Group, we ‘humanise’ financial planning and take the time to listen and understand our client’s needs and wants. We are personable and professional. We are far removed from selling products, instead focusing on what strategies our clients can employ to realise their full financial potential.

Our financial planners will provide you with:

  • Simple and easy to understand language, no financial jargon
  • Regular meetings to ensure your financial plan, strategies and investments are on track to achieve what’s important to you
  • Clearly defined check points so you know how you are tracking every step of the way
  • Adjustments to your wealth plan over time as your needs, wants and life change
  • A sounding board for your concerns, fears and aspirations
  • Programs and tools to help you automate your finances and manage money more efficiently
  • Expert advice on building your wealth, protecting your wealth and the very best tools for you
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