Over recent months I have had the opportunity to work with a coast based couple referred to us by existing clients. For privacy reasons, I will refer to them as Roger and Sue.

Roger and Sue are both 60. They owned a professional services firm which they recently sold. They own their own home, have investment property debt and potential CGT implications to manage.

Roger and Sue’s super balance and overall financial position were quite healthy but they need to stretch their disposable wealth over the next 25+ years.

They were somewhat confident of retiring with enough money but wanted to be sure this was the case.
The clients sought advice on developing an investment strategy that will provide consistent income of about $100,000 p.a. in retirement starting within the next couple of months with a focus on capital preservation. Due to a health issue for Roger, they also had specific holiday and personal expenditure objectives they wanted full-filled.

We went through a process of education and discovering what is most important to Roger and Sue, what they value most in life, how we can be of the very best value to them and how they would measure the success of our working relationship.

With these understandings, we worked on developing their financial plan. This process took four investment plan scenarios and numerous discussions with Roger and Sue about prioritising their objectives to determine the very best investment plan suited to those objectives.

If the clients continued as they were, we determined they would not have enough money to retire on, running out of money by Roger’s mid 70’s but, if they followed our recommended strategy, they were projected to;

• Full-fill holiday and personal expenditure objectives totalling $220,000
• Never run out of money
• Add $913,000 more to their nest egg
• Realise a saving of $8,850 in CGT liability

Overall, the financial plan recommended could provide additional funds of $913,000 to Roger and and Sue’s bottom line. The added benefit being, there is no need to sell the family home to fund any of their retirement.

The overriding success of this plan though, was our ability to deliver on Roger and Sue’s objectives. They felt better about their pending retirement, they had a clear, succinct investment plan and were now feeling more certain and excited about their future.

Finding great advice can be both tricky and daunting but with the right financial planning team working with you, you can be a whole lot clearer and feel more certain about what lays ahead.

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