Planning Your Lifestyle in Retirement

Retirement means different things to different people but we are all in the same position the day we choose to exit the workforce – we have no income and this can be the case for up to 35 years.

While it is a very important aspect of your retirement planning, retirement advice is more than just about which super fund you choose. It is about planning for your future, the life you want to live in retirement and the age old question ‘how much is enough?’

Our Process, Your Road Map to Retirementretirement planning

At Perron we help you define your ideal lifestyle in retirement by asking you questions such as;

  • How much income do you need to live a comfortable lifestyle?
  • How often do you wish to travel?
  • How often do you want to upgrade your vehicle?
  • Do you wish to leave an inheritance or help with your grandchildren’s education costs?

Once we know how you want retirement to look we assess your current financial position including your super, and determine how long your assets will last. If there are any shortfalls we recommend ways to bridge the gap.

“Did you know the average income required to live a comfortable retirement is approximately $59,808 p.a.”^

Retirement Planning Considerations

We also look at other important financial decisions such as downsizing your home (and whether it is financially sensible to do so), tax effective investment options that maximise your super returns, age pension entitlements and gifting assets to your family.

If you own a business or investments, we consider the most appropriate strategy to exit your position and maximise your return.

Finally, we consider your estate and intergenerational wealth distribution. Have you considered the right structures to appropriately transfer assets to your chosen beneficiaries? Have you taken the appropriate precautions to know your assets will not fall into the wrong hands?

What about Self-Managed Super?

Self-managed superannuation is a popular choice for many Australians who wish to take control of their retirement assets. However, managing and administering a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) comes with a long list of requirements and compliance standards.

At Perron we can assist you with the decision to commence a SMSF and provide advice on appropriate investment options, insurance requirements and administrative requirements, to ensure you do not breach any SMSF regulations.

Why Choose Perron?

At Perron we work with you and your existing advisers to ensure your retirement and superannuation plan is working towards your retirement goals. We provide guidance to help you make the right decisions.

We then build the plan to get you there.

^Source: ASFA Retirement Standard December Quarter 2016
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