Insurance: An Investment in Plan B

At Perron we aim to deliver the best outcomes for you but sometimes the best laid plans can come undone and you need a Plan B to fall back on.

Whether you or a loved one suffers from an injury or illness or the unthinkable passing of a family member occurs, insurance can remove the financial burden of a tragedy and allow you and your family the time to recover. Think of Insurance as your Financial Plan B.

“Based on an income of $80,000 p.a your lifetime earnings are worth $4.8 million”^

What kind of cover is available?

At Perron we are specialists in a variety of wealth protection insurance products, including;

wealth protection

How does Wealth Protection work?

In our initial meeting, we help you;

  • identify how much cover you need,
  • which insurances are important for you and
  • which insurer will offer the best policy based factors such as your age, gender and occupation.

Once we have made our recommendation we help you throughout the application process and liaise with the insurer to get your application assessed as easily and as quickly as possible.

Because we are experts in insurance we know what information insurers need to properly assess your application – this saves you time upfront and ensures your insurance is policy is properly assessed.

Why Choose Perron?

Using a Perron Financial Adviser means that at time of claim we liaise with the insurer directly on your behalf, unlike with direct budget insurers where you are left to file a claim on your own.

At Perron we choose from a wide variety of insurance policies from a wide range of providers. We are not tied down to a single insurer and have flexibility to recommend many different policies. We have been providing insurance advice to clients for over a decade and have successfully helped many of our clients claim on their policies when they most needed assistance.

We are more than happy to provide an obligation free initial consultation to get to know you and your situation better.


^Assumptions: Working Life of 35 years, Annual Income of $80,000, Annual increase in Salary and Inflation of 3%.
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