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Master Your Finances Today!

We are always looking for new, innovative ways to connect with our clients and make financial management easier. The Perron Financial Group Personal Wealth Portal was established for clients to keep track of their cash flows and entire family wealth, as well as monitor the performance of all their personally held and business owned assets in a centralized, easy to use location.

When you register for Perron Wealth Portal’s sophisticated but easy to use system, you can quickly develop a complete picture of your net worth right at your fingertips.

The portal also allows us to work with you on setting, monitoring and recording your family’s personal and business goals to help achieve the lifestyle desires that are most important to you

Achieving any goal is enormously rewarding and we are inspired everyday be seeing our clients transform their lives, one goal at a time. The portal is one great tool we can all use to see that transformation happen. If you feel the portal would be a great support tool for you, sign up now, it would be great to have you on board

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Wealth Portal is more than just budgeting or file storage. It is much more;

  • Get up to date feeds to value your home, super and bank balances
  • Securely store your important documents like Wills, Financial Plans and Insurance policies
  • Share access to your Wealth Portal with your trusted advisers
  • Automatically categorise expenses
  • Mark expenses as items for Tax time
  • Access your information across all your devices

Take Control of Your Finances

ALL of your Finances – In 1 Location!

See your finances all in one place.  Connect you accounts and  more so you have a snapshot of your assets, liabilities and cashflow all in one easy to manage dashboard.

Manage your Cashflow & Assets

Set & receive notifications, goals & use the calculator to stay on track and achieve your targets quicker. Your savings goals couldn’t get any easier as the goal calculator let’s you visually watch your money grow.

Track Property Values Easily

Managing your Property portfolio is easy. Know how much equity you have in your current portfolio, identify what you can purchase today, see your loans and grow your wealth.

Store Your Records in the Cloud

No more paperwork. Store your important documents in the cloud so you can access them whenever you need to. No more keeping receipts and piles of paperwork. Keep copies of your insurances, bank statements, loan documents and financial documents all in one easy to access place.

Take Control of Your Finances – Get the Perron Wealth Portal Today!

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