Understanding your Mortgage

We understand the day to day involvement you have with the chosen lender so it is important this is functional and simple. While trying to obtain you the lowest interest rate is important, we look beyond interest rate savings alone.

At Perron we ensure you have a mortgage set-up that offers easy to manage budgeting and accounts online, facilities that help you pay the mortgage down sooner and the flexibility to close out your mortgage if need be.

“At Perron we look across a wide number of mortgage providers to find the right loan for you. We are able to recommend multiple products across from a variety of lenders.”

We also help determine the right loan for you based on your deposit, cash flow position and property needs. There are a range of questions we consider some which are;Mortgage Advice for You

  • Do you have adequate spare cash flow to meet repayments if interest rates increase?
  • What are your options if you wish to sell your property?
  • How can you borrow against this or another property?

We can help you answer these and other questions.

Investments & SMSF Loans

Building wealth through property is common practice for many people. Some people will choose to invest in their own name, whereas as others may choose to invest through a self-managed superannuation fund. We consult with all investors who are looking to purchase a property and require a loan to do so.

Self-Employed and Business Owners

Those people who are self-employed or who own their own business are generally required to provide additional or specific documentation to meet the lending criteria of the lender. At Perron we deal with many business owners and as such are familiar with what your lender will need to approve a loan. To ensure your application process is as seamless as possible we provide advice on what is needed and help compile your application to be submitted to the recommended lender.

We also aim to recommend lenders that have shown a willingness to lend to business owners in the past, so that you can start looking for your new property sooner.

Nearing Retirement

If you are getting close to retirement and you are looking to borrow money to purchase property you may be subject to additional lending requirements. This may come in the form of a shorter loan term, higher deposit requirement or another form of mortgage criteria. You can rest assured we are still able to review our product list and source providers who would consider an application for credit.

What’s involved?

Generally, when considering a property purchase you are best to identify your borrowing capacity first, before submitting an offer on a property. At Perron we are able to assist you in finding the best loan for your circumstances, so that you can make an offer with confidence.

In order to determine your borrowing capacity, you will generally need to provide us with;

  • Verification of your income such as payslips and tax returns
  • Information on your Assets and liability position.
  • Your living costs (we can provide you with a budget)
  • If you are self-employed we can work directly with your accountant for income details.

Once we have this information we can provide you with further advice.

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