Personal Wealth by Design: Investment Advice for You

While many of us dream about living a financially independent life, very few seek appropriate investment advice to ensure this dream becomes a reality.

Wealth by Design is a Perron program that takes measured and proactive steps to build a tailored wealth program for our clients – aimed at delivering the lifestyle they desire.

We believe time is a non-refundable resource. Most of us have never retired before, seen the results of an investment decision 20 years down the track or seen how today’s actions can impact our long term financial position.”

We have seen dozens of investment strategies and we know what works. Draw on our experience to ensure your investment strategy is well considered and positions you for the best chance of success.

“The purpose of the Wealth by Design program is to be proactive rather than reactive with your investment decisions.”

Wealth by Design Processinvestment advice

In our initial meeting;

  • We work through a unique series of questions to determine your most important lifestyle objectives.
  • We then obtain information about your financial position to create a picture of where you are now, compared to where you want to be.

An important objective of our initial discussions is to understand what it is you want from us, how you would like our relationship to work, the level of service you would like and areas of advice you need.

When we know what you’re comfortable with and the advice you need;

  • We provide you with a proposal outlining your goals and objectives and the areas of advice we will provide in the form of a financial plan. The proposal will also outline any costs involved for our services.
  • Where you are comfortable with our proposal and wish to engage our services, we will provide you with a customised financial plan.

What kind of investments are available?

At Perron we consider a variety of investment assets for our clients in the Wealth by Design program. We have no predetermined idea on what assets or investments you should invest in. We consider traditional investment assets such as;

  • Property
  • Direct Shares
  • Term Deposits
  • Managed Funds

But we also consider alternate options as well, that may not be traditionally considered as ‘investments’

  • Investing into your business
  • Paying off a mortgage sooner
  • Funeral Bonds
  • Investment in education to boost income potential

Using our financial modelling software we are able to help you see the future impact of the financial decisions you make today.

Why Choose Perron?

We are aligned with your lifestyle objectives. Any financial plan we provide outlines what strategies you need to employ for the achievement of those objectives and is customised to address your financial priorities.


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